Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creative Pursuits: Bringing Back a Classic Design, Mid-century Tweets

Blog posts have fallen by the wayside in favor of fast more instantaneous social media to let people know what I'm up to. That said, I felt it was time to post a long awaited update on a design line I've been working on for years.

I started designing a line of illustrated birds back in 2009. The series of mid-century birds was a nod to my favourite era and a fun exercise in exercising my personal creative style outside of the digital interfaces required of me by the day job.

I released a line of limited edition archival prints and postcards at the time. Sadly, while wanting to expand the designs and use them especially in the realm of textile printing, the industry was lagging behind in affordability and access to cheaper mass production alternatives.

Some 5 years later it's easier than ever to custom print, design, and create my own textiles so I can finally offer the designs as originally intended at reasonable prices. Here are the Mid-Century Birds now for sale online. You'll find everything from pillows, rugs, duvets, and gorgeous tote bags.

Art Silicon Valley

This year marks the first launch of Art Silicon Valley San Francisco which opened to the public Thursday October 9 at the San Mateo Events Center. Organized by Nick Korniloff’s Art Miami company, the inaugural edition includes 75 galleries from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America.

The location of the event at the Peninsula's mid-point was intentional to attract the wealthy buyers in Silicon Valley that up until now have been an untapped market for this type of modern art. 

Organizers seem to be hoping that wealthy, tech-savvy entrepreneurs will gravitate towards collecting modern and contemporary art. Unlike the bigger modern art shows that have been well established in Miami, New York, or even L.A., Silicon Valley's millionaires have had nothing in their own backyard until now.

Here are some photos from the event. As a personal review, the show was much smaller than I'd anticipated but the work was quality. The only downside to the event seemed to be a repetitiveness in the style of several of the more minimalist artists. Not shown here, but there were no less than 15 bullseye themed paintings that I counted.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

People You Should Know: Johnny Miller, Photographer

Many of us have come across some of these images before, often shared and re-shared on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. We clip from magazines, create mood boards and even use them in our inspiration journals. But few of us ever really know the source of these wonderful visuals. My long time love affair with glass led me to research the work of one photographer in particular, Johnny Miller. Take a look at some of his work below. (All images the property of Johnny Miller Photography)

Monday, January 06, 2014

The Artistic Side of Mid-Century

In my professional career as an artist, much of my work was inspired by the stunning simplicity I experienced living with my mother's own art collection in New York. So many of my favourite artists come from this era.

Etsy is a hotbed of stunning mid-century abstract art at the moment. These pieces are simply gorgeous and beautiful works ripe for the picking. Many of the artists are now becoming collectible so choose wisely and do some research before you purchase. Then again, the best way to buy art is to buy what speaks to you. Here are some amazing pieces I've come across.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Revisiting West Elm

Pop over to West and do a search for "mid century". You'll be surprised how their offering of MCM inspired furniture has increased. Here are some pieces that really caught my eye. For all you MCM fans out there, is this too late for West Elm to still be riding the bandwagon or are these piece right on time? Some might argue that Mid-Century Modernism is still going strong and these are more affordable options for people who can't float DWR's prices.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shop Updates

In expanding our little sales empire, we've updated the display at Stuff SF Antiques with a loving tribute to summer here in the Bay Area. Check out our latest in what we've dubbed Bay Area Blue. You'll find pieces covering the gamut from Empoli, Holmegaard, Guildcraft, Alsterfors, and more!

Stuff SF
150 Valencia St  San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 864-2988

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mid Century Glass Display: Revisiting Stuff SF Antiques in San Francisco

Sure there are a ton of Labor Day sales on this weekend. You can buy everything from discounted mattresses to lawn gnomes... but the best sale for all you vintage lovers will probably at Stuff SF. I wanted to post some quick snaps I took of one of their newest displays. Vintage mid-century glass now has a home out here on the west coast courtesy of yours truly. Stop in and check out the ever changing range of displays based on juicy colour themes. November will be stunning blue pieces from the likes of Holmegaard, Alsterfors, Guildcraft, Empoli, and Blenko.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

New Sales Venue for Vintage & Home Decor Dealers: FleaPop

Now in Beta, I highly encourage you to set up shop with FleaPop. FleaPop is a marketplace for home décor and furniture (both old and new).

With a gorgeous UI, and content focused solely on home decor, this site is going to blast off for buyers and dealers alike. Get in now and early so that you can build up a following while showcasing your items.

Discover and Buy

  • Shop by seller – Browse featured, new or nearby sellers to find pieces you love
  • Shop by Style – Discover styles and item features you are looking for with our tags and features
  • Purchase with Ease – Checkout with PayPal and coordinate pickup via email OR opt for shipping and sit back and relax while your new fave comes to you!

Selling Simplified

  • Build a shop for free – There is no cost to setup a shop and list items. Login with Facebook and list items with ease. Upload photos, set a fixed price, and enter tags/dimensions/description. Set a timer if you only have a certain time to sell. Sellers pay a flat rate 6% commission on all transactions.
  • Launch Your Shop – Launch the shop and you’re in business. Share with your friends for maximum impact.
  • Sell and Ship – Once an item sells, we’ll send you an email (to the email associated with your Facebook account) to coordinate either shipping the item or an email of the buyer to coordinate a pick-up.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Back in November of last year I posted a couple entries about my love and envy of the re-release of the famous LÖVBACKEN table. Love the design but envied all Europeans who had access to this table with apparently no hope of it ever reaching our shores here in America. That is until now.

Originally the table had been released as the LÖVET. Now, this 1956 leaf-shaped table with three legs and veneer top is being reissued at just $59.99 and is viewable in the 2014 catalogue, making it still affordable today. Knowing how Ikea loves to discontinue great items year over year, I'm going to buy a couple of these for safe keeping. For those of you not near an Ikea, don't worry I'm giving some of these away. Stay tuned.

I also want to give some away just to make me feel better about having gone all the way to London just to pick one of these up after being told by Ikea they weren't going to be offered in the US. Bah humbug.