Friday, February 19, 2010

Designers Dream: Robin Grasby's Homework Desk

It takes a designer to attack a problem like a designer. Design student Robin Grasby completed his studies in 3D Furniture and Product Design at Northumbria University last year. Following a lengthy research process where Grasby photographed workspaces and interviewed a number of designers, architects, illustrators, teachers and students, he decided that no two users ever have the same functional requirements. In order to create the perfect desk, he realized the solution then was to develop a simple yet strikingly effective modular system that can easily be self assembled.

Introducing Homework, an adaptable desk system designed for the home-office/studio wich allows the user to customize every aspect of their workspace. By selecting everything from surface size and materials to storage and accessories, the user can create an environment as rich and personalized as needed.

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Sandy K (Aus) said...

I really like this. Smart and elegant and so functional.