Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is, for the Font Lover in You

Introducing Typodarium 2011. For the new year get your daily typographic inspiration from the Typodarium, the first tear-off calendar with 365 different fonts: bread-and-butter types and typographical baubles, character sets and punctuation marks, old masters and wild youths, favourite fonts from all over the world.

The date - traditional and functional - is on the front page and on the back are background information and details, designers and sources. This calendar makes every day a typographical day and some calendar pages a font-shopping list. With bank holidays of 30 countries and a box to collect the sheets, this is daily inspiration for Font fiends with 365 Fonts by 140 Foundries and Designers on 368 pages, printed on both sides!

The last edition sold out pretty quickly. Purchase online and learn more about how the calendar was compiled.

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