Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inside Stuff in San Francisco

150 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415.864.2988
Hours: 10am-9pm daily
San Francisco and Bay Area residents have another great vintage shop to add to their list of go-to destinations. Today I took a tour of Stuff on Valencia Street and here is how it breaks down.

The Location
The good news is, even before you get there is that they have their own dedicated parking lot. For those of us driving in from the East Bay or on the hunt for larger items we need a car for, it's a handy location you can get over to with ease. What other shop is open such amazing hours here in San Francisco?!!!

The Space and Selection
The 8,200-square-foot space boasts antique-and-modern pieces from the 50s and 60s. From Deco to Mid-Century, Mod to Atomic, STUFF’s stuff spans the range of iconic modern design eras. I myself had sensory overload and could barely decide what to focus the camera on, their stock is so great. Stuff easily boasts some of San Francisco's best dealers. Take your time, wander through slowly, and don't forget to look up as there are some amazing light fixtures or stacked items on nearly every surface. It's also a photo friendly shop so bring a camera!

The Prices
Given that we're talking about San Francisco, and also the fact that these are noted antique and vintage dealers, I'd definitely say the prices were good to fair. Pieces ran the gamut from low end pricing to high end so that Stuff accommodates almost any budget. (As  a side note, I did come across some pieces Dana and I had sold at Alameda Point Vintage Fair last month so it was wonderful to see some old friends while wandering the aisles.) Again, these are dealer prices so don't come with a flea market or thrift store budget. Mid-century vintage is hot right now so expect to pay accordingly.

The Staff
Knowledgeable, helpful, and definitely the kind of shopping experience you want when hunting for antiques and vintage pieces. The owners of the place should seriously be proud not only of the space they've created but also the wonderful staff who man the store. I walked out with a couple extra pieces I might not have even noticed if not for all the help.

Overall I definitely think this is San Francisco's best place to hunt for dealer sourced treasures. Here are photos from my tour and more can be found online at my flickr stream.


chattykathy said...

Drooling! I wish I didn't live on the other side of the country!

Debra said...

Boy I could have fun in there.

Deidre H. said...

Best antique vintage store in San Francisco if not on the west coast. Hands down!