Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mid Century Glass Display: Revisiting Stuff SF Antiques in San Francisco

Sure there are a ton of Labor Day sales on this weekend. You can buy everything from discounted mattresses to lawn gnomes... but the best sale for all you vintage lovers will probably at Stuff SF. I wanted to post some quick snaps I took of one of their newest displays. Vintage mid-century glass now has a home out here on the west coast courtesy of yours truly. Stop in and check out the ever changing range of displays based on juicy colour themes. November will be stunning blue pieces from the likes of Holmegaard, Alsterfors, Guildcraft, Empoli, and Blenko.


Barbara said...

Well, since I collect that stuff, I have to ask...what are your prices like?

Sisi Perrot said...

Really beautiful colors !

Karthikesan Selvaraj said...

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